Beyond the Dimple is getting a new home

Hi Dimplans,

In an effort to bring you the best golf stuff, BTD is now going to be in the PaulB Golf family. BTD is taking a break from the podcasting world. Why the need for this change? I’ve listened to what you want and the direction was pretty clear. Make me play better.

Oh yea?! Tell me more

I am going to take you on a journey that will help you discover a better game. And it’s totally free. I’m going to discuss swing, clubs, strategy, and more. Basically, if you get into this, you will become a better player.

Here we go! I am going to be writing short articles and making 60 second videos that will have all the info you need to take to the course in a brand new way. Real, tried-and-tested tips, drills, and tools I’ve learned in teaching golf for 15+ years. All in 60 seconds!

Let’s do it

The first tip is pretty simple. It’s one of the most important traits that all great players share and maybe the most overlooked part of club players. Here’s your get-better-now-with-no-bullshit tip for today.

You know those alignment rods that all players have in their bag? Get some. If you’re reading this, there’s a 99% chance your alignment needs to be cleaned up. There’s a reason pros work on this constantly.

What’s the 1 thing all golfers want?

Consistency. No matter what level of golfer I talk to, they all want to be consistent. Unfortunately, most 99% of them don’t have proper alignment. Time and time again I see golfers with pretty good ability, and their alignment is shit. They’ll bang away at balls on the range senselessly trying to get better. The problem is improper alignment is holding them back.

What does good alignment look like?




You’ve seen the pros on the range with sticks on the ground. Usually the one by their feet is to help them align their feet, knees, forearms, and shoulders. With the aid of the stick (or your 4 iron that you use 3 times/year), you can quickly see if you’re on the right track. Self coaching.


golf alignment and swing plane


With proper alignment you’ll have an easier time to get your club on plane. This isn’t going to turn you pro in 60 seconds, but you’ll definitely notice better impact and straighter shots immediately.

The challenge in this position, is having your existing swing work with the new starting positions. With some diligence and some help from video, you’ll quickly notice your swing fall into place.




Now that we’ve got the starting position and the club is in a better plane, welcome to the “slot”. This beauty is the holy grail of swing positions. No matter the pro golfer (Jim Furyk, Victor Hovland, or Tiger Woods), all these guys get it to the slot.

You can have your own “signature” to your swing, but the slot is the key. Getting here without proper alignment is really tough.




Here’s a photo of me showing off. Notice the club can now release properly and follow the ball to the target.

Now for the guarantee

There you go, your very first (and high on the list of importance) lesson with Paul. Take this to the course, have some fun, get your buddies to help you with the video and you can send me a cheque in the mail later. DM me for the address.

Till next time, hit it hard and straight.