Short Game Golf Coach

stop chasing a stroke/swing, start playing your best

Coach Paul’s E.L.I.T.E. golf philosophy

The Best Golfers are “Players”


What’s your biggest weakness? In order to make the biggest gains, attack the worst part of your game.¬†


Are you open to learning and really fixing the problem or looking for a silver bullet? I don’t sell sivler bullets.


Is your practice purposelful? Do it with 100% intention, if not, you may as well invest in a really good tennis racquet.

Tame Your Skills

While you’re learning and improving, get out and PLAY. Learn how your body is reacting to your new skills.


Your growth in golf is fueled by learning new skills, stepping out of your confort zone and trusting the process.

Ever been told “It’ll get worse before it gets better“? That’s B.S. If your instructor delivers that nonsense, he’s not in it to make you better.


Have you taken golf lessons with little to no success? The problem with a lot of pros is they only teach because they have to. This does not serve the game properly.

From our first conversation, you’ll notice I’m different. With over 20 years experience teaching amateurs and professionals, I look at things from a playing perspective, NOT swinging.

Want to know more? Reach out and let’s get the conversation started.

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